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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico



Two planes left on Thursday in order to be in Cadeje on the Friday before clinic. Friday morning the Engineers Without Borders volunteers paid a visit to Cadeje's "secundaria" school in order to evaluate the prospects for an internet connection via satellite; a very exciting prospect. While the engineers were at the school, the rest of us took meds to the clinic, unloaded boxes and did some clinic clean-up. Four additional planes came down on Friday and brought warmer weather with them. Saturday evening, after the clinic, we all enjoyed a delicious dinner at the home of Jim and Annie Christopher. Sunday the weather was not as nice, but we all managed to get home safely. 

We had a very busy, successful clinic on Saturday. With the clinic being set up in advance, we were able to start treating patients quickly. Eric McFarland had the computer set up and running with discharge instructions for most patients. The two doctors were able to take care of all the patients, which numbered close to 75. Our resident Herlinda has been ill and is in La Paz recooperating. She was sorely missed and we all wish her a speedy recovery. Eustaquio has taken over her duties and was a great help. He will be dispensing meds to the patients in Herlinda's absence. We thank you all for a great clinic. You are amazing! 

The dental clinic was well staffed. Malisa cleaned teeth, a very needed and appreciated service, while Drs. Grube and MacPherson did fillings and extractions. Dick Klein was mobbed with people needing dentures and took many impressions which will be fitted in December. Donn Zellet worked like a pro again in triage, keeping everything moving at a steady pace.  

Below is a list of some items that are needed in the Cadeje primary school. If you would like to contribute one or more of these items, to be placed in a Christmas basket and given to the school as our Christmas gift to the children of Cadeje, please bring the item(s) to the next potluck. We will wrap them and bring them down on our December trip.

  • white paper (letter and legal size),
  • note cards and construction paper (of all colors)
  • modeling clay
  • felt tip markers
  • animal books and books of all kinds (Spanish)
  • puppets
  • maps
  • glue or paste
  • soccer balls
  • educational games

Pilots: Jim Gaskin, Frank Heintz, Carl Bergman, John Grube, Ted Kenney, Roni MacPherson Dentists: John Grube, Dick Klein, Stu MacPherson MDs: Eric McFarland, Debbie Weinstein RN: Bobbie Bliss Dental Assistants: Malisa Harrison, Ruth Ann Quarles, Marilyn Zellet, Pam Heinz, Roni and Skye MacPherson RMA: Lola Rosales EMT: Heather Bliss Translators: Susan Grube, Marilyn Zellet, Donn Zellet, Diane Lomeli, Lola Rosales Pharmacy: Lisa Runyen Engineers Without Borders: David Bothman, Diane Lomeli, Carl Neufeld Helper: Margo Kenney 


Next Trip
December 10th, 2004. Clinic is on December 11th.

Next Pot Luck
Wednesday, December 1st. Login to the Members Section for location specifics and driving directions.

Volunteers for December Trip
Call Lola Rosales, ph: 563-2440
Pilots call Lisa Derrick, ph:  682-1472

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please help the Aeromedicos save on postage, paper, and time. If you receive both the postal version and the email version of this newsletter, please email Frank Heintz and ask to be removed from the postal list. Thanks!




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