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Volunteer Medical and Dental Missions to Mexico



The weather was very nice for both legs of the trip. We even had slight tail winds for the return leg which is always appreciated. In light of previous December  trips,  the weather was surprisingly warm; especially so on the Cadeje side. The terrain in Baja is still very green and the river at Cadeje was flowing.  The Hotel Serenidad was nicely decorated for Christmas, and the Flying Sam group was also there.

With three doctors, the medical side ran very smoothly. Lots of children were seen and our supply of children's antibiotics was put to good use. The formulary seems to be working quite well but there are some needs. Birth control pills are in short supply and we would appreciate samples from what ever source can be tapped. Belia and Herlinda are doing better and will be back for the January clinic. Eustaquio is doing a great job of filling in for  Herlinda, and Herlinda's children are helping as well. Bonnie Rettgers was a great help with Audiology and saw seven patients.

The dental clinic had an efficent team. Don Zellet did an outstanding job in triage, organizing and routing patients to the appropriate places. Twenty nine patients were seen and treated. Stu MacPherson  completed two root canals.  Dr Nagy was able to do numerous extractions  and even some periodontal work. Dick Klein did his usual heroic job with the dentures.  Scott Gordon got an introduction to sterilzation procedures from Skye MacPherson.  

Over 700 pounds of school supplies were flown down to Cadeje. The response was terrific.  Kent Pember's  C206 was the heavy hauler, carrying the majority of the supplies.  The supplies were presented to their head of the equivalent of the PTA . Thanks again to all who made this possible.

Pilots: Jim Gaskin, Frank Heintz, Scott Gordon, John Grube, Ted Kenney, George Pallo,  Kent Pember, Roni MacPherson, Chuck Montague Dentists:  John Grube, Dick Klein, Stu MacPherson,  Rick Nagy  MDs: David Rose, Debbie Weinstein,  Chuck Montague. Audiologist; Bonnie Rettgers RNs: Judy Jensen , Sammi Hilow,   Dental Assistants: Melodi Willis, Ruth Ann Quarles,, Roni and Skye MacPherson  RMA: Lola Rosales  EMT: Dan Emerson.  Translators: Susan Grube, Marilyn Zellet, Donn Zellet, Brad Chemelka, Nadia,Anastasia and Ivan VanWingerden  Dale Dixon, Karl Lawson  Helpers: Margo Kenney, Dibblee Hoyt. CNA, Sylvia Venegas 


Next Trip
January 14, 2005

Next PotLuck
 January 5, 2005 6:30pm at the home of Mark and Terry Harris. Login to the Members Section for location specifics and driving directions.

Volunteers for January Trip
Call Lola Rosales, ph: 563-2440
Pilots call Lisa Derrick, ph:  682-1472 or 637-2863

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